Sublimation Printing


What is sublimation printing?

Heat sublimation printing is a fun and easy way of printing logos, photographs, and designs onto different materials using heat and pressure. The sublimation printer works like any other inkjet printer except it uses sublimation ink and paper. If you can print it on a regular printer, then you can print it on a sublimation printer. Sublimation inks evaporate when heated so they can bond to white polyester and poly-coated materials.

What can I make?

Use the sublimation printer with a heat press to make things like custom shirts, mugs, coasters, stickers, and puzzles. Print up to 24” wide. Ask our staff about how to identify materials best for sublimation transfer.

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Materials cost

Roll (17
Roll (17" or 24")$2 per foot
Sheet (8
Sheet (8" X 12")$1
Ceramic Mugs
Ceramic Mugs$3
Round Ceramic Ornament
Round Ceramic Ornament$2

Training & usage: Take a sublimation printing class or book a training session to use the sublimation printer.