Laser Cutting


What is a laser cutter?

The Fusion Edge 12 laser cutter/engraver is a computer-controlled cutting device that uses a laser to cut or engrave a design into various materials.

What can I make?

You can cut out shapes, burn, or etch a design into an object’s surface to make personalized items including picture frames and etched glassware.

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Materials cost

Glassware (Wine & Pint Glasses)
Glassware (Wine & Pint Glasses)$3
Wood-Bass Thin Sheet (8 x 12)
Wood-Bass Thin Sheet (8 x 12)$2
Cork Coaster
Cork Coaster$1

Training & usage: Take a laser cutting machine class or book a training session to get trained to use the laser cutting machine. Once trained you can use the laser cutting machine with staff assistance.